WORK > Displacement 2009/2010

Displacement can occur geographically, circumstantially, emotionally and physically.

Within the framework of contemporary adornment, I am calling attention to the hand labored memento, incorporating the evocative and lamenting associations of handmade lace. Specifically influenced by the 18th and 19th “huswifs” which were patch-worked oblong pockets or pouches worn hidden under a woman’s dress and usually stitched from scraps of fabric or lace, I am referencing a transitional period or "half-mourning”, when black was still worn but slowly replaced by acceptable colors such as lavender and mauve. These pockets often held important sewing tools (steel needles) or intimate smaller items such as jewels.

This body of work is meant to be a response to personal experiences, occurrences and feelings associated with that of displacement.